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Shalee Hanson serves as the marketing and business development coordinator in PadillaCRT’s Minneapolis office.

Shalee enjoys trying new things, when she’s not working.

She manages the PadillaCRT brand across multiple social media platforms and works with practice group leaders across the agency to execute prospecting initiatives year round. Shalee graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication, and entered the professional world with a lot of experience in consumer, B2B, health, and the food and beverage industries. I foundSamsung USA’s Twitter page, just after doing a quick witter search. There, themost recent tweet is a retweet of promotional content from Samsung Mobile USA -which led medown a social media rabbit hole where Ifound more than four separate, verified Samsung accounts across multiple social platforms. The only channel that I followed that had any updated information about the recallwas the Samsung Mobile USA Facebook page. This is where it starts getting really entertaining. Especially when communicating with upset consumers, Empathy, transparency and thoroughness are all essential when communicating with any audience. Language is key in any cr situation. The question is. Will they have a Chipotle esque rebound, or a AIG scale brand death?

Can the brand bounce back from this cr?

Far, noone was injured and if the phone problems are resolved without harming any users, the Samsung brand will likely take a hit but could definitely recover.

What happens next? Usage of the phone was only down 13 percent, two weeks after the initial recall, as of last week. In consonance with Apteligent mobile metrics, Note7 users are still using their phones. Only time will tell.

For instance, the first time I saw any information about the recall was via BuzzFeed’s Twitter account -and all additional information I’ve come across on the subjecthasalso derived from sources except Samsung. That said, samsung wheneverit gets to technology. Samsung acknowledged the issue with their phones earlier this month and announced a voluntary recall. On top of this, however, in their voluntary recall, the company offered very simple exchange for customers’ phones, This was a great first step.

This move agitated the Consumer Product Safety Commission.