Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Features

note78Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has a main camera on the front of the camera is of 5MP and 12MP on dual pixel camera. Galaxy Note 7 finally had been launched on August 2, 2016, at an event in New York. Knox and your personal files, as you already know ofcourse you may be able to replace the fingerprint reader as a way to secure Samsung Pay. You see, you’d better know there’re the other benefits of this phone that is very exciting for you, Samsung adds iris scanner as a biometric sensor. Don??t worry about that, you still can use the fingerprint reader. You would’ve been interested in learning about the actual model number that is coming into your country or region, you’ll know which model the Note 7 in your country. Why is that?

Card ain’t supported UFS, you can also get a microSD slot as external storage.

This can happen as, with that said, this phone is powered by a Snapdragon 820 or Exynos 8890 chipset and has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.

The Note 7 is also a very powerful phone. That the phone received a certificate IP68 as long as this phone can survive for a depth of 1m on the water, Galaxy Note 7 is the first Note water resistant. Known the Note 7 comes with a curved screen that’s awesome. Now let me ask you something. Many privileges of the Galaxy Note 7 which makes many people can??t wait to have this.

So this phone is one that displays the first mobile to feature support for HDR, the latest product of Samsung’s own 7 galaxy Super AMOLED curved on both sides similar to telephone edges and Have a QHD resolution naturally.

Whenever translating tool even GIF creator, Another new feature is the magnifying glass text.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comes with many new features in it which can further facilitate your activities.

Very interesting right? Note 7 come with an S Pen that promises a pen -like experience. You can also write under water! Notice, the Note 7 is the first Samsung products with USB Type -C port that supports On The Go and might be charging the battery quickly. Additionally stylus can leave notes always on at the screen to help you.

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