Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Most Interesting Functions

The most interesting of those functions are Action Memo and Pen Window.

Action Memo is designed to enable you to quickly jot down information a note, a phone number, an address, a to do item, or whatever and hereupon jump right into an action by tapping on what you wrote down.

Except this, it really feels incomplete and ain’t contextual enough for maximum things you might seek for to do, in practice, it works well for creating contacts and todos. An argument is often made that Samsung’s software and enhancements make the device more productive or efficient to use. Know what guys, I certainly didn’t feel any more productive than with any other modern smartphone, when I used it. You really have to give yourself to the TouchWiz and conform your habits to Samsung’s way of thinking to get the most out of the Note’s unique features, and that’s not necessarily top way of doing things for many people. While giving you a windowed app experience on top of whatever you were doing previously, You can hereafter choose from eight supported apps to launch within that rectangle.

You click the Pen Window function in Air Command, and hereupon draw a rectangle whereever you like on the Note 3’s display.

It doesn’t really mesh well with the modal app experience we’ve become accustomed to on mobile devices, It’s a taste of mid 1980″‘s desktop interface technology on a smartphone.

It was easier to just launch an app normally and use Android’s multitasking to go back to what I was doing previously than it was to work with Pen Window. Pen Window is almost something you have to see individually to really grasp how silly it’s. Windowed apps can be resized, moved around, layered, and even minimized. It feels a million times better when you touch it than any recent Samsung smartphone I can think of, the Note 3 is still plastic, and Samsung’s silly fauxstitches around the back edge won’t fool anyone.

It’s also a lot easier to handle, just being that it doesn’t feel quite as eager to slide right out of your hands. It’s a step forward for Samsung’s design department, It’s not as nice as a HTC One or iPhone 5S. The display itself is upgraded to a 1080p Super AMOLED panel. Although, full HD displays are table stakes for any ‘highend’ Android phone released in 2013, and while the Note 3’s screen doesn’t blow me away like the LG G2’s or HTC One’s, it’s bright, colorful, and viewable outdoors. The Note 3 comes with Pen. You should take this seriously. Know what guys, I found that I’m still far faster at typing on the ‘on screen’ keyboard than using the S Pen to write anything down, the Note’s transcription was mostly accurate even with my grotesque ‘chicken scratch’ handwriting.

You can, ofcourse, still use the S Pen to doodle and draw to your heart’s content, and many artists have proven over the years that it’s quite capable for those functions. The S Pen’s handwriting recognition is quite impressive Samsung seems to improve it with each generation of Note and there’s a brand new quickaccess handwriting window that you can use in any text field. Samsung has also minimized the bezels surrounding the screen, much in the way Motorola and LG have recently done, that keeps the overall size of the phone down. It’s easier to interact with, and more importantly, easier to ignore. Fact, aside from a larger screen, only one thing that really separates the Note 3 from the Galaxy S4 is its S Pen. Anyways, air Command offers a discrete fan of options for the S Pen instead of the system completely rearranging your home screen any time as on the Note I. For the new model, Samsung has added the Air Command feature, that gives you quick access to S Pen functions every time you pull it out.

Needless to say, you can hover over the Air Command fan to see five various actions.

TouchWiz has plenty of color and sound effects, and while it is not as ridiculous as LG’s custom UI, it’s something you either love or hate. Android unadulterated by manufacturers but once I found out how to turn off most of the bleeps and bloops and extraneous sound effects, TouchWiz became usable, So if not quite lovable. Since it’s virtually almost identical to on the Note The one of the problems it has over the S4 is the ability to shoot 4K video, since most people don’t have a screen that can actually display 4K video yet. Be sure to take a glance at our review of the Galaxy S4 for more impressions on the camera. It’s a very capable camera that can take great shots in loads of situations, the Note 3 improves upon the Note I’s ‘8megapixel’ camera with the ’13megapixel’ sensor we first saw in the Galaxy SIt doesn’t have optical image stabilization, that is all the rage these days. The 4K footage does look pretty great is not exactly an awesome, ‘must have’ feature, It’s less in your face than BlinkFeed. You see, on the Note 3, Samsung is answering the question just asked about HTC’s BlinkFeed with its own My Magazine feature. With tiled layout and loads of colorful pictures, Powered by Flipboard. Including are able to match Samsung’s breakaway success yet, though, and none have really given users a compelling reason to have this particular large phone.

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