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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a device that is very impressive for many people.

Besides this product is advanced, Note 7 also has many benefits that appeal to you.

This device has an internal storage space of 64 GB and is able to expand its capacity of 256GB with the use of MicroSD card. You need to know that Galaxy Note 7 has sAMOLED Quad HD 7 inch with 2560 x 1440 pixels. Galaxy Note 7 finally was launched on August 2, 2016, at an event in NY.

You don??t need to worry about the batteries, battery Note 7 came in 3500 mAh and is equipped with fast charging and wireless charging technology. This phone runs Android 0 with an upgrade to 0 Marshmallow Nougat is expected to come shortly after a really new version becomes available. You would’ve been interested in learning about the actual model number that is coming into your country or region, you’ll know which model the Note 7 in your country.

Bell sells these products start at a price of $ 549 dot 99 on a two year contract or $ 1049. For a limited time Bell also will provide customers who purchase Notes 7 free with Band Sports Gear Fit 2 or Samsung wireless speaker Level Box Pro for only price $ 249.There are also other Samsung products that sold by him.